Monday, April 27, 2009

We Need A Bill

Many of us grew up listening to School House Rock. Now is the time to put the lessons learned into action. We need a member of Congress to present a bill granting the 94th Infantry liberator status.

Anyone who has any contact with the media or politicians is requested to make that contact now simply because the right thing to do is tell someone: There Ought To Be A Law

In the 19 years since this program was inaugurated, the Museum and the Center of Military History have recognized 35 U.S. Army divisions for their heroism, gallantry, and help in liberating prisoners from brutal Nazi rule. Each year, the names and flags of these units are presented in a moving tribute at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for the Days of Remembrance ceremony.

In addition, the Museum displays 20 divisional flags at its 14th Street entrance. The flags are rotated so that all the liberating units' colors are prominently exhibited for the two million visitors who walk through our doors each year.

United States Holocaust Museum Article

Kathleen Cowley

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