Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Message From Eisenhower

In his Victory Order of the Day, May 9, 1945, Gen. Eisenhower sent this message from Headquarters 94th Infantry Division to every member of the command:

"The crusade on which we embarked in the early summer of 1944 has reached it’s glorious conclusion. It is my especial privilege, in the name of all nationalities represented in this Theater of War, to commend each of you for valiant performance of duty. Though these words are feeble they come from the bottom of a heart overflowing with pride in your loyal service and admiration for you as warriors.

Your accomplishments at sea, in the air, on the ground and in the field of supply have astonished the world. Even before the final week of the conflict, you had put five million of the enemy permanently out of the war. You have taken in stride military tasks so difficult as to be classed by many doubters as impossible.

You have confused, defeated and destroyed your savagely fighting foe on the road to victory. You have endured every discomfort and privation and have surmounted every obstacle ingenuity and desperation could throw in your path. You did not pause until our front was firmly joined up with the great Red Army coming from the East, and other Allied Forces, coming from the south. Full victory in Europe has been achieved.

Working and fighting together in a single and indestructible partnership you have achieved perfection in unification of air, ground and naval power that will stand as a model in our time.

As we celebrate victory in Europe let us remind ourselves that our common problems of the immediate and distant future can be best solved in the same conceptions of cooperation and devotion to the cause of human freedom as have made this expeditionary force such a mighty engine of righteous destruction."

Tom Manthey first on left, Tony Carrach, Ed Cowley with Shell

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