Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Craig Crawford, co-author of "Listen Up Mr. President" and contributing Editor of CQ Quarterly, appeared on the Imus show today and once again kindly asked Imus for his continued help in pursuing Liberator Status for Patton's Boston Regiment. Imus of course recalled the issue and said that he would contact Kerry today.

This was last discussed with Imus by both Craig Crawford and Sen. Kerry on June 24th, 2009 when Kerry said enthusiastically "I think we're going to get it". We later learned that Sen. Kerry was so optimistic because both he and Sen. Kennedy had been in direct contact with Pete Geren, Sec. of the Army, on the behalf of Sec. of Defense Gates. The fastest path to Liberator Status would be for President Obama to sign an Executive Order. This had been discussed as a viable option by Sen. Kerry and Kennedy's office last spring, but needed to first follow protocol and contact the Sec. of Defense. In response Geren thanked them for their "support of these Soldiers of the "greatest generation" who served with such distinction" and assured them that he would be in touch with the results of the research work of the Center for US Military History. Unfortunately since then Sen. Kennedy has died and a new Sec. of the Army has been appointed. Time is marching much too quickly for these heroes of WWII and The Center for US Military History is moving much too slowly.

Don Imus is a man of his word and did indeed contact Sen. Kerry who will be appearing on the Imus show tomorrow morning as well as Craig Crawford. We are forever indebted to Don Imus and Craig Crawford for their efforts to bring this issue to national attention and a positive conclusion. We have great hope and faith in Sen. Kerry, a long time advocate of Vets. , that he will see that the 94th Infantry Division is granted Liberator Status, however it must be done either through the Center for US Military History or by requesting an Executive Order from President Obama.

Thank you once again Sen. Kerry, Don Imus and Craig Crawford for your
combined efforts to put history to rights, so the efforts of the 94th
Infantry Division and the victims of the Holocaust will be forever

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