Saturday, July 4, 2009

Letter 14

Pvt. E. P. Cowley 42025054
Seventh Company
Fifth Training Regiment, A.S.T.P.
Fort Benning, Georgia

Mr. E.P. Cowley
35 Woodside Avenue
Buffalo, N.Y.

Postmarked November 19, 1943

Dear Dad

Mother just told me the news about Ann. It was a terrible shock to me and I know it must have hit the entire family pretty hard. In her letter mother said it was really the best and most merciful thing that could have happened and saved Ann unbearable suffering and pain. You’l take it well dad, I know you will. Don’t let your health go again. You owe it to mother and Peggy and your soldier boy son. We’re all counting on you and someday soon I want to return to the happiest home in the world, which I was forced to leave behind me.

Grandma worries me, I hope everything will be arranged among the Cowleys so that she will always be as well provided for as she always have has been. Dad, I’m a man now and I’m beginning to think and want very much to act as a man would. Man to man you’ll keep the home fires burning for us like you have for many years now won’t you. Take the best care of yourself and I know you’ll make everything as easy as you can for your mother. I wish there was more I could do to help things at home but when I come back we’ll know our home will be the safest and the very best there is. If there is anything I can do at anytime to make Grandma feel better just let me know and I’ll be honored to be able to help.

Your son,

Eddie Jr.

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oldseahag said...

The Cowleys lived on Woodside Ave. in South Buffalo NY. The same street that Tim Russert lived on. It was the Irish section of town. My Dad and his father would go to the same American Legion near the lake , that Tim and his Dad would go to. In fact my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary was held there. Dad's heart was broken when Tim died.
Ann Cowley was my father's aunt, his father's sister. She was in her 40's when she died and lived with her mother and a few brothers. . She was the 4th year latin teacher at South Park High School in Buffalo NY. Dad tells me she was an excellent teacher but hard. He opted out of latin after his 3rd year and took french.