Friday, June 19, 2009

Letter #2

(You will see some of Eddie's drawings first mentioned here in later letters).

Mrs. E. Cowley
35 Woodside Ave
Buffalo, NY
Zone 20

October 11, 1943

Dear Family,

I haven’t much time to write this as the lights are going out in 10 minutes. Its Mon. night. I didn’t get those papers today but I’m not on the shipping list so it will be o’kay. I'm sending home my insurance policy & war bond certificate for you to keep. They’ll send the bonds home when we’ve paid enough (3.75 per month) to get one.

I figured on writing a longer letter but we were picked up by some sergeant right after chow and ten of us were sent down to clean the post headquarters, which is a large two story building. We didn’t get back to barracks until 8:30 and I had to shave etc. & lights go out at 9:30.

I got 130 on the I.Q. and all that is needed to qualify for officers candidate school is 110 so I’ve probably got a chance although you can’t tell just what breaks you’ll get.

Tell dad I guess I was a little off on the Mich & N.D. game but even the best of us makes mistakes. Anyhow, it’s a good break for the Catholics.

I don’t know what went wrong with that art business. I drew the guy (this letter sounds like its definitely in the first person, but then I’m the only Buff. Cowley on Long Island) twice and all the fellows say he was showing the sketches to all the rest of the interviewers & they all thought it was good, but nothing came of it and I’m afraid nothing will.

They haven’t turned the lights out yet, whoops there they go. Will write soon.

Eddie Jr.

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Kathleen Cowley said...

Little explanation about the art business- During an interview with the army they asked him to draw a portrait and mentioned the possibility of being put in a camouflage unit which was where he had wanted to be placed. Love the poster Jamie!