Sunday, June 28, 2009

Letter #9

Pvt. E. Cowley 42025054
7th Co. Regt 5 ASTP
Fort Benning, Georgia

The Cowleys
35 Woodside Avenue
Buffalo, N.Y.
Zone 20

Postmarked October 29, 1943

Dear family,

Once again I’m writing on a wobbly train. We left Upton at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. At the present it is 11 o’clock Wednesday Morning, and we just passed thru Thomasville either No Carolina or So. Carolina. So far everything has been perfect. Ther’re treating us like kings.

Last night about 6 o’clock we ate dinner at Saveran’s in the Pennsy Station, $1.50 per head (not bad hey?) A little before 8 we boarded the Pullman train we are now on. We had a dandy breakfast in the diner this morning.
The Navy Aircorps is two cars from us. They had to sleep in their seats all night while we have the porter make up our beds whenever we desire. What a racket. It looks very much like we’re going to Benning but we still don’t know for sure. We’re liable to switch off at any of the larger cities and head towards Texas and California.

My (just passed Lexington) address will be on the envelope and you can write and send me the money. That dollar came in very handy. I got it just before I left camp. At the time I had exactly 17 cents in my pocket. If we’re going to Georgia we should arrive late tonight or early tomorrow.

Think I’ll study my soldiers handbook for awhile. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love to all three
Eddie Jr.


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