Saturday, June 27, 2009

Letter #6

Pvt. E, Cowley
Co. A. 2nd Area
Barracks 2R
Long Island, N.Y.

The Cowleys
35 Woodside Avenue
Buffalo, N.Y.
Zone 20

Wednesday, 1943
Postmarked October 21, 1943

Dearest Family,

Hope you like the photograph. It was the best they could do with me.

Lets begin with the most important matter on hand at the present. I received the “5” yesterday (think you should have sent ten). I’m sorry I didn’t call you last Sunday. I thought you meant this Sunday. Somehow or other I’ve got a feeling I should ship out next Monday. If I do, I will call and let you know for sure next Sunday night. However if I don’t ship out Monday I’ll call you the night before I do leave.

I’m in pretty good spirits, considering all the army has done to break my morale. This morning at 8 o’clock I made a slight (very slight) faux pas while lining up for detail assignment and a big fat, lousy, corporal put me in the kitchen (K.P.) till 7:30 tonight. At times this kind of dirty business tends to disgust one but guess we all have our bad days. (Today was my 13th at Upton, you might guess it).

So you’re having snow in Buffalo, Well it could be worse down here but God forbid it. Mother, seriously I think Dad is old enough to go to football games by himself! If he doesn’t think so I’ll send him a bunch of dandy addresses or else he can use my phone numbers for some cute company. I’m glad to hear Colella played a good game. How was Frankie Sinkwich?

Peggy, don’t lose faith in South Park. They’ll beat Tech more than once before you graduate (that isn’t a crack) Your average is very good. Keep holding on to the brains in this family and save those spoons for me until my furlough.

There isn’t anything I want except that I’ll need five more bucks in a couple of days. I’ve been buying little odds and end, and they add up. I’m going to write to Lou as tonight. Us army men have to get together on our strategy or our offense will fall to pieces you know. Lou and I will probably take Germany in the spring or summer.

Everyone gets a fever from those shots but it usually disappears in a day or two. Its too bad Billy had to go to the hospital but I know he’ll recover quickly. Those shots that made him sick might save his live life someday.

I guess Dad made a mistake in cleaning the hat for all that lousy weather. If I’m here any longer (there is about 7 out of 105 of us left) I intend to open a restaurant and go in competition with the “mess” hall.

Its swell receiving letters from home. It kinda make you me feel like I’m still at home eating food. Write often! Give buy war bonds! And don’t burn or blow up the Chemical Aniline.

Eddie Jr.

P.S. Please don’t worry about me.
I think the war will be over before I go over (matter of fact, I’m sure it will)

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