Saturday, June 27, 2009

Letter #7

Pvt. E. Cowley 42025054
Co. A. 2nd Area
Barracks 2R
Camp Upton, N.Y.

The Cowleys
35 Woodside Avenue
Buffalo, N.Y.
Zone 20

Everything's fine! Mr. Brady

Oct 23, 1943

Dear Folks,

Thanks a million for the address book. I had been thinking of buying one at the PX. The dollar also is coming in very handy. I’ve only got about $1.50 left (I got the five all right) I thought that letter from school was swell. I’ll certainly let them know where I am. Betty sent me the school paper yesterday and it was fun reading it over.

Jimmy Donovan was shipped out last Monday. Of all the fellows I know, McCarthy is the only one left. Dick Cornell, whom I’ve been hanging around with is shipping out this evening. I’m kinda worried about the letter I sent Lou. I addressed it to Pensacola Florida. Hope it reaches him. Also about “Doc” I could swear I wrote him a long letter. Would you find out if he ever got it.

Very glad to hear Peggy is making the retreat. She can make it for both of us this year. Does her club miss me? Where will they get the boys for their party. Tell Peggy Dewitts still home! I’m hoping to ship out Monday. If everything goes as it should I will be on the train by the time you get this.

My job at the Post Office is pretty monotonous but I hope to leave it for the next “jeep” soon. day before Yesterday I got 5 letters (Harry M. June McMahon, 2 from Betty & 1 from you) I answered all of them. Am thinking of hiring a secretary.

Tonight I’m going to confession and then going to wash and shine up my gear. If I don’t go Monday I’ll get a pass Friday, I think . It’s suppose to be 36 hour but McCarthy is fixing it somehow and we might get home for 2 days.

Well, be sure to find out about “Docs” letter and I’ll I’m going to call Sunday if I’m on the list. If not I’ll call Monday so you can send me money for my pass. Hope to hear from you soon,

Eddie Jr.

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