Monday, June 22, 2009


For those following the progress on our petition to have the 94th named a "liberator", the current status is shown below. Our deepest thanks to all those in the Kennedy, Kerry, and Gates offices for their assistance and persistence.


Woo hoo! Tristan Takos in Senator Kennedy's offices called to let us know that the letter is officially in Sec. Gates hands. Evidently he notified the Center for US Military History as she also received a courtesy call from a very pleasant woman at the Center to let her know that they are looking at the request again!!

The letter from the offices of Senators Kennedy and Kerry was
accompanied by about 30 other pages of information, much of which was taken from this blog. Sen. Kennedy's office wanted it known that there is press interest and the woman at the Center for US MIlitary History acknowledged that in their conversation.

The conversation ended with our contact saying she was quite "pleased" and that "we have made a lot of progress". Also, an inquiry about Senator Kennedy elicited: "He is doing well and thank you for asking".

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