Monday, June 22, 2009

Letter #5

Pvt. E, Cowley
Co. A. 2nd Area
Barracks 2R
Camp Upton, N.Y.

The Cowleys
35 Woodside Avenue
Buffalo, N.Y.
Zone 20

Postmarked October 21, 1943

Dear folks,

I’m sorry I slipped up a little on my writing but I’ve been very busy trying to send letters to those I told I would write to. Also the corporal keeps me busy running and managing Camp Upton.

I’ve taken over the Post Office now and I’m working steady from 8 – 11:30 and 4:30 – 8:00 which gives me afternoons off. Its monotonous work but I hope to leave camp in a while. If I stay here another week I’ll get a 36 hour pass which would only give a me a chance to see a few good shows in N.Y. I wouldn’t be able to make it home in that time.

Those “official” letters I receive are really something to talk about and I hope no one does. The weather up here is excellent today but it’s usually cold and windy. That’s why I got this inside job.

I wrote a letter to Lou last night right after yours. I’ve only got a short time left before I return to work so I think I’ll soak up a little “Devils Island” sunshine.

Hope everyone is feeling fine and my Dragon bath robe is hung on a hanger.

Love to all,
Eddie Jr.

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kathleen Cowley said...

Slipped up? Ha, he's only been away from home 2 weeks and has already written home 6 times (remember in the 1st letter he mentioned that he sent a post card which was written on the train). What a good son!