Thursday, June 18, 2009

Letters Home #1

While we are waiting on official action from Senatorial offices, I will be posting the letters home from Private Edward Cowley to his family. Here is the first starting in October of 1943. As you get to know Eddie you will find a very dry sense of humor.
Enjoy the step back in time.


Pvt. Edward Cowley
Co.A. 2nd Area
Barracks 2R
1222 S.C.S.U.
Camp Upton, NY

Mr. and Mrs. E. Cowley
35 Woodside Avenue
Buffalo, NY
Zone 20

October 9, 1943

Dear Mother, dad & Peggy,

This is the 1st chance I’ve had to write a line. The Army’s quite a thing. I never saw so many lines in my life, We have lines for everything and anything. The ride down here was terrific, we left the station from Buffalo at 8:15 and arrived in Upton about 11:15. We had to go thru a quick physical and didn’t get to bed till around 1:30. They dragged us out of bed around 5:50 or so, I was so tired I didn’t care what time it was.

Today was quite a busy day. We cleaned up the barracks and then went to chow. Then we started moving fast, 1st we took about 2 ½ hours of tests (I.Q. – Mech. Apptitude – Signal corps) I think I made out all-right but you can’t tell. From there we went to the supply center and got our tags. Boy! I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for all the stuff I got. Everythings perfect, I can’t name all the things but they really went overboard on us (Corp. just said we’ve got 15 minutes left to write) Among other things we got a big (very big & very warm) overcoat, raincoat, field jacket, 4 pr. pants, 6 pr. socks, 2 pr. of real leather shoes, 4 shirts, all our field equipment including our helmet and cooking utensils etc.)

Then we got the hook (3 shots in the arm. They stung like the devil and a couple guys passed out right in front of me, as usual.

We got a sermon from the Chaplin after that. Its kinda funny down here, Catholics, Jews & Protestants are all one and the same. That’s the way it should be everywhere. After chow we went to see some movies at the little theater on personal hygine. We were finally dismissed at 8:45 and given an hour for ourselves (I didn’t know how to keep myself busy at first)

Tomorrow we get interviewed & classified & then we’ll be ready for shipment. Its gonna be another tough day so I better grab a little sleep. I’ve got lots more to tell you but it will have to wait a day or two. Surprising enough I haven’t been in the guard house or on K.P. yet, but today is only Saturday.

I hope everyone is well and stays well this winter (I’m wearing winter underwear all ready) Did you get my quick card the other day? That’s about all we have time to write now but things will straighten out in a few more days I imagine. Well, love to everyone and you’ll hear more soon.

(I think I’ll be here long enough to receive a letter so write quickly)

P.S. Who won the football game?

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Kathleen Cowley said...

Jamie, Thanks, you're a gem! Pop (Ed) says you're just swell! Bette Cowley