Sunday, June 21, 2009

Letter 4

Pvt. E. Cowley
Co. A. 2nd Area
Barracks 2r
Camp Upton, N.Y.

Mr & Mrs & Peggy Lou Cowley
35 Woodside Avenue
Buffalo, N.Y.
Zone 20

Monday, Oct. 18, 1943

Dear Folks,

Just returned from the med. building where we received our 3rd shot (only 3 more to go). So far I haven’t noticed this one. The 2nd shot was quite painful and made you’re my arm sore for about 4 days. Guess that was the Tetanus shot.

This morning I went down to the record building and asked if I was in the A-12. I was wondering because almost all the A-12 men shipped out this morning. The Sergeant said I was so I probably will be shipped south (Georgia, Florida or Louisiana) next Monday (I hope).

Sunday morning Jimmy Donovan, Bill Rosar and I went to communion at the chapel. I’m going to try to go every Sunday if I possibly can. I hope those cards gave you an idea of our camp. Its exactly as pictured. This camp we’re in is the new camp Upton, the remnants of the old one are a couple of miles from here. Yesterday morning I was working on a rock pile down where the old camp was.

The other day I wrote to quite a few people (4 letters & 8 cards) Sent letters to Harry, Betty, Miss Mulholland, & the sophomore class at State. I wish you’d send me Nan & Aunt Peggy’s address. Also Eileen Redmond & Aunt Florence (and any the others I may have forgotten) I have to buy myself an address book.

I have exactly 36 cents left and need money quite desperately so I hope that 5 is on its way.

Mary Marty McCarty is fixing it so I can work behind the bar at the P. X. nights. The hours are only from 6:00 – 9:20. I will also get a special duty pass and can eat at the serviceman's club and go to meals anytime I want. Also I will not have to go on K.P. I’ll have all day to myself, which will be very nice. Well, I hope Peggy is all right feeling better now after her rodeo.

Love, Eddie

P.S. I’m eating an awful lot of ice cream down here. About a quart a day. My complexion is turning Neapolitan.

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